Free English and Maths courses

Join a free Maths or English course and improve your spelling, reading, writing, punctuation, grammar, number work, budgeting, fractions, measuring, decimals etc. Courses are available for students at all levels, you will be given an assessment at the start of the course to determine your level and to ensure that you have the opportunity to work with people at the same level as you.


The English course offers you the opportunity to improve your reading, writing and verbal communication and presentation skills. You will look at lots of different types of texts, for example newspapers, timetables and leaflets.

The course is designed to develop your ability to understand and use effective English in your everyday life, at work and to support the development of your English skills to benefit other subjects you may choose to study.

Functional Skills will allow you to use literacy skills practically. This includes employment, leisure and reading for pleasure. You will be encouraged to develop your confidence and problem solving skills whilst working together with other learners.


The Maths course will support you in your understanding of the four rules of number and how to apply them, handling data (charts, graphs etc), measure shape and space.

The course will help you with practical maths used in everyday life. You will learn how to problem solve using maths techniques. This will help you when looking for employment, accessing further study, helping children with homework or simply having the confidence to work out everyday maths problems such as when is a bargain really a bargain.

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Teaching styles

A combination of individual work, group work, and class discussions. You are encouraged to work together to solve problems and to discuss the logical options open to you in varying situations.

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