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If English isn't your main language, you can take a course to help you improve your English. These courses are called ESOL or English for Speakers of Other Languages.

You will also need a qualification if you wish to apply to settle in the UK or become a British citizen. Improving your English can help you get more out of your life in the UK. It will help you if you want to:

  • find work or improve your job prospects
  • study at a higher level
  • help your children with their schoolwork
  • talk to doctors and teachers
  • understand the laws and customs of the UK

Lesson topics include:

  • working in the UK
  • health and wellbeing
  • living in the community
  • education
  • leisure

We offer ESOL classes at all levels from Pre-Entry to Level 1. We will give you an assessment to decide on the right level for you.

Classes are delivered at the following centres:

  • Bury Adult Learning Centre
  • The Mosses Centre, Cecil Street Bury

Our courses are free to those on certain benefits. For further information or to arrange an assessment, please contact us or visit our centre in Bury.

Bespoke courses

In addition to the main programme of ESOL provision, we are able to design and deliver bespoke English courses to meet the specific needs of organisations. Please contact our ESOL team for further information or to discuss your requirements.