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All text content on this website, including datasets published on our Open Data pages, is available for non commercial re-use under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL) v3.0, except for the exclusions identified below or where we specifically indicate otherwise, such as for example other licensing conditions applicable for INSPIRE datasets.

If you re-use text content under the OGL, you must include the following attribution statement:

'© Bury Council retains the sole intellectual property rights to [name and date of publication], licensed under the Open Government Licence'.

If you would like to re-use the council's materials but the proposed re-use would contravene any of the conditions of the OGL (for example, your intended re-use is for commercial purposes), you must seek the council's prior permission and approval (see section on applications for re-use below).

Whilst we aim to ensure that all material is accurate at the time of publication the council does not accept responsibility for decisions based on information we make available for re-use and we reserve the right to remove and/or amend any information without prior notice.

Please bear in mind that materials downloaded from the council's website are the most up to date versions but items you have obtained from the council in the past, or from elsewhere, may not be. The council updates its guidance and other materials from time to time. We recommend that you use the latest versions by referring to those published on our website.

The council's intellectual property rights, including copyright in its materials, are unaffected by the council's voluntary application of the OGL. These rights still belong to the council.



Images are not available for re-use under the OGL because in most cases copyright is held by a third party. The council does not grant anyone any rights to re-use images.

Use of logos

The use of any of the council's logos (including crests and insignia) on any document or in association with any information, signifies that the document or information has been prepared or approved by the council. The logos are-used only on materials generated by the council or where the council has elected to work in collaboration with another or multiple organisations.

Use of any of the council's logos without the council's consent is an infringement of copyright. No permission will be granted for the use of the logos nor will reproduction of the logo in any form be allowed unless the council determines that:

  • the material on which the logos is to be used and
  • the use of the logos on such material has been expressly approved by the council

Intellectual property/copyright vested in third parties

The council does not have the legal authority to grant permission to re-use documents where legal rights are owned by third parties.

Applications for re-use

If you wish to make a specific application to re-use council information which does not conform with the OGL terms, please contact us to ask permission and for details of what, if any, additional conditions and/or charges may apply (see Freedom of Information - How to make a request). Your application should be in writing, specifying your name and address and, identifying the information source you want to re-use and the purpose for re-use.

List of information assets

Please refer to our Publication Scheme and our guide to information which outlines the information we routinely publish. A list of other information assets is currently under review as part of our preparations for the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Once complete, a link will be available from this web page.

Access to information

If the information you wish to re-use is not already published, you must first make a request for information under public access legislation. Information about how to make a request is available at Freedom of Information - How to make a request

In the event the information is releasable, we will let you know in our response letter whether the information is reusable under the OGL or alternatively, if third party intellectual property/copyright prohibits the council from authorising the material for re-use.

In the event the information is releasable, you will need to submit a separate application for re-use as described above. This is because the council does not have the authority to permit re-use of materials where intellectual property and copyright is vested in a third party and each application for re-use must be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if third party rights apply.


If you are dissatisfied with the handling of a request for re-use by the council, or need the council to review its decision on charging, licensing, refusal or any other aspect of the council's response, you should write to:

Head of Legal Services and Democratic Services,
Bury Council,
Town Hall,
Knowsley Street,
Bury, BL9 0SW.

You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner whose postal address is:

Information Commissioner's Office,
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,
Cheshire, SK9 5AF.