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Retirement living homes are flats or bungalows that are connected to the Carelink control centre. Having this security means you can call for help in an emergency, at any time of day or night.

When living in a retirement home, you can expect support staff to visit you to:

  • check on your wellbeing
  • help you maintain your independent
  • provide information and advice.

Some retirement living residents may only need occasional help. While other residents might need more support and possibly have care provided to them by adult care services, voluntary agencies, family or friends. 

We have specially designed residential schemes available across the Bury area, which offer:

  • a visiting service
  • 24 hour emergency alarm service
  • a safe secure environment
  • support to help you stay independent
  • connection with other support, for example; home care or a district nurse.

Some residential schemes also offer:

  • a communal lounge
  • social activities
  • communal laundry area
  • a door entry system
  • CCTV security
  • a guest bedroom.

If you are interested in a retirement home property, you must be registered on the council housing register.