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Local authorities with responsibility for adult social care were instructed to carry out a cost of care exercise. This was applicable to home care services for those aged over 18 and older people care homes. The aim of the exercise was to establish the median cost of care, which was reflective of providers’ April 2022 cost pressures. The authority is publishing the Fair Cost of Care “Annex B and Market Sustainability Plan “Annex C” part of the exercise as required by Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

This information was required in preparation for changes to the statutory framework (Section 18(3) of the Care Act) for adult social care which would entitle anyone needing care home accommodation to ask the local authority to contract for this, regardless of their financial circumstances. Since the council submitted its Fair Cost of Care information the DHSC has announced that these reforms will be deferred until 2025. Authorities are expected to detail how they will move towards a fair cost of care over the next three years.

The council’s fee setting process for 2023/24 takes into account the data collected in its Fair Cost of Care exercise, whilst broadly reflecting the normal annual fee setting process noting that the council has already gathered the provider information. However, we intend to further enhance our approach to provider engagement