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There are lots of reasons you might need help from our Adult Social Care service. Examples of reason why you need support could be because:

  • you're getting older and find it difficult to do everyday things around your home
  • you're unwell or have been in hospital and need some care while you recover
  • you have a physical disability and need assistive equipment to help you live more independently
  • you have a learning disability and need support to help you do the things that you want to do
  • you're someone's carer and need a bit more help.

No matter the reason, we understand that everyone has different needs. We aim to provide care services that are suited to your individual care needs. 

Social care assessments

If you feel you need care or support, you will need to complete a social care assessment. 

Social care assessments are done with a professional, to talk about your needs. The assessment will allow us to check your eligibility and to understand how we can help you.

Please contact our Adult Care, Connect and Direct service to:

  • request a social care assessment
  • ask for an update or response to a recent assessment.

As part of the social care assessment, we might ask you to complete a financial assessment. This helps us understand your financial circumstances, to find out how much you might need to pay toward any social care support you receive. 

We can provide some things without a social care assessment, such as a carelink alarm or support at home. These are known as 'universal services' that help you stay independent and come at a small cost. 

Social care eligibility

After a social care assessment, we will confirm whether you are eligible for support.

If you are not eligible for adult social care support from us, you can explore options from other organisations on the Bury Directory who might be able to help you.

The Bury Directory

The Bury Directory website is full of information and advice for members of the public and for professionals. It also includes local:

  • business listings
  • NHS services
  • community groups
  • events.