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Any care service must be paid for if you wish to use its services. Each care service offered has its own charging policy.

Pay an Adult Social Care invoice

If you've received an invoice to contribute towards your care costs, you make a payment online. Please refer to your invoice for other payment methods.

Contributing toward care costs

Some care services have a set fee. This means that everyone is charged the same amount for that care service.

Other care services will calculate the cost, based on the care services you receive.

Whichever care service supports you, you might not have to pay the full chargeable amount. A financial assessment will be completed to review your financial circumstances, which will determine the amount that you must pay for the care service you receive.

Financial assessments are completed as part of the Adult Social Care support service. A financial assessment review can also happen if your circumstances change.

Other care support costs

You can visit the Bury Directory website for information on paying for:

National Fraud Initiative

As an authority, we have a duty to protect the public funds we administer and may use the information you provide for the prevention and detection of fraud. Key personal identifiers may be shared with other organisations responsible for auditing and administering public funds. See our fair processing notice page for more details.