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The Bury Local Transport Strategy was approved by the Council’s Cabinet on 5 October 2023 following a period of public consultation. The strategy is a non-statutory document that sets out a plan for transport investment in Bury for the next twenty years and beyond, covering all modes of travel in the borough.

The strategy aligns with our Let’s Do It vision for Bury and with the transport aspirations of the Greater Manchester 2040 Transport Strategy (GM2040) and will be used to help secure investment for transport in the Borough.

Our Let's do it Strategy vision

A place that is growing faster than most others and has less poverty than many places in the country.

Our plans are ambitious and won’t happen overnight, but we need to aim big if we are to have a truly inclusive transport system that addresses inequality and supports our growth plans to create jobs and provide more homes. We need our transport system to unlock new sites for development, to promote health and well-being through active travel and to help meet our commitment to having fossil-fuel free travel by 2038.

We are already working with the other the Greater Manchester councils and Transport for Greater Manchester to deliver the Bee Network - Greater Manchester’s integrated, low-cost, high-frequency public transport network, bringing together local trams, buses and hire bikes and ultimately local train services with the largest walking, wheeling and cycling network in the country. We have also signed up to the Greater Manchester 2040 Transport Strategy and the ambition for half of all journeys to be made by cycling, walking or public transport by 2040.

Our Transport Strategy vision

By 2040, the borough’s towns will be connected to each other, to Greater Manchester and beyond by an affordable, safe, reliable and well-maintained low carbon transport system. It will be easy to get around by public transport, on foot and by bike. Walking and cycling will be the first choice for short journeys for those who are able to walk and cycle. Investment in transport will help to grow the economy, reduce deprivation and improve the health and well-being of residents.

Our vision is not just about getting around more quickly and more sustainably but is also about linking residents to new opportunities and delivering on our inclusive growth ambitions by connecting people to jobs, education, leisure and tourism.

Having in place a clear transport vision and strategy will help Bury get a fair share of the funding available for transport at national and regional level, to help deliver our regeneration ambitions for our town centres and for the Northern Gateway as part of Atom Valley.