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Applications to this fund are now closed.

We are no longer accepting applications to the Community Climate Action Fund.

If you have submitted a bid, we will get back to you in February/March 2022 to tell you whether you have been successful or not.

Thank you for getting involved with the climate action agenda and we look forward to working with our local communities as we all work towards our goal of carbon-neutrality.

Background information

About the climate action community fund

This fund is to support local people and communities to take positive steps towards tackling climate change and to help us reach our goal for Bury to be carbon neutral by 2038.

We are looking to fund projects that will benefit the environment in some way, have a positive impact on the climate or raise awareness of environmental issues. Grants of up to £15,000 could be applied for.

Who could apply for funding

Applications were welcome from any of the following people and communities within the borough of Bury.

  • Community groups.
  • Charities.
  • Social enterprises.
  • Voluntary groups.
  • Clubs and societies.

What was eligible for funding

To be eligible for funding, projects must be delivered within the borough of Bury, plus contribute to one or more of the following.

  • Renewable energy generation or promotion
  • Reduced fuel poverty or climate associated risks
  • Making residents' homes more sustainable
  • Minimising the everyday impacts our communities have on the environment
  • Active travel and, or low-carbon travel
  • A reduction in waste, including single-use plastic and food waste
  • Sustainable buying habits to conserve natural resources
  • Adoption of a low-carbon, plant-based diet
  • Connecting people with nature and protection of the natural environment
  • Increasing local volunteering and community-led conservation work

When shaping ideas for your projects please refer to the Bury Climate Action Plan.

What was not eligible for funding

  • Organisations and projects based outside the borough of Bury
  • Individuals (applicants must be part of a local community group or voluntary organisations)
  • Organisations trading for profit or intending to redistribute grant awards
  • Requests that will replace or enhance statutory provision
  • Academic or medical research and equipment
  • Overseas travel
  • If the primary purpose of the request is to promote religious or political beliefs
  • Retrospective grants, for example, projects or activities that have already taken place or have already been paid for
  • Sponsorship or fundraising events
  • Contributions to larger or major appeals
  • Local branches of national charities unless locally managed and financially autonomous
  • More than one application at any one time for the same project

Projects or activities that will be prioritised for funding

Those that:

  • incorporate equality and diversity
  • reach out to people not already involved with climate action
  • can develop and continue into the future
  • bring together multiple community groups
  • also promote other benefits, such as healthy living

Please note: Applications for the highest level of funding must have clearly demonstrated a wide level of engagement and impact. Where possible, applications should have also been made for projects or activities that require a lower level of funding.

When projects can start and when approved funding has to be spent by

Projects or activities must start within 3 months after funding is approved and received and must be spent by December 2022.