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To receive a refund for a pest control appointment, you must cancel it before 4pm on the last working day (Monday to Friday) before the appointment is due. To qualify for a full refund:

  • appointments on a Monday must be cancelled by 4pm on the previous Friday;
  • appointments on a Tuesday must be cancelled by 4pm on Monday;
  • appointments on a Wednesday must be cancelled by 4pm on Tuesday;
  • appointments on a Thursday must be cancelled by 4pm on a Wednesday;
  • appointments on a Friday must be cancelled by 4pm on a Thursday.

For appointments cancelled after 4pm on the last working day before an appointment is due, we charge a cancellation fee which is half of the service charge. The other half of the service charge is refunded, usually within five working days. If the service you booked was free the cancellation fee is £15.

If you don't cancel your appointment and we are unable to gain access to your property at your appointment time we, will charge you a no access charge. Our standard no access charge is £30. For residents receiving Council Tax support our no access charge is £15. Please note that it is our health and safety requirement that a responsible adult over the age of 18 must be present at a first treatment visit to sign the risk assessment.

When cancelling an appointment you must quote the reference number we gave you when you booked your appointment. To find this reference number please refer either to your confirmation e-mail or reminder text.

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