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All victims of hate crime receive support when a hate crime report is made and we encourage everyone to report a hate crime before receiving this support. Nevertheless, we recognise that in some instances people may wish to not report a hate crime but may still want support. In cases like this, we encourage you to visit Greater Manchester Victims' Service which provides a handy directory of services which you may be interested in accessing- some of which are listed below.

Victim support

Support people affected by crime and can signpost you onto further agencies that may also be able to help you. They will help anyone whether they are self-referred to the agency or otherwise.

Telephone: 0161 200 1950.
Web: Victim Support.

The Samaritans

Provide general support for people effected by crimes and the emotional effect these can have on individuals. Services that are offered include counselling, emotional support and conversations around people mental wellbeing. Self-referrals are accepted.

Telephone: 0161 764 0055.
Web: Samaritans.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds provides counselling and emotional support, encouraging mental wellbeing. Self-referrals can be made as well as referrals by third parties .

Telephone: 0161 716 2777.
Web: Pennine Care - Pennine Care NHS Talking Therapies (previously Healthy Minds).

Escaping Victimhood

Provide general support for any crime and can offer counselling, emotional support and offer support to those that are suffering ill health or mental health concerns. Self-referrals accepted.

Telephone: 07715 209415.
Web: Escaping Victimhood.

Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK is a leading anti-hate and anti-discrimination organisation working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination, based on any aspect of an individual's identity.

Telephone: 0113 293 5100.
Text relay: 18001 0113 293 5100.
Web: Stop Hate UK.


Galop support LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse and violence

Telephone: 020 7704 2040.
Web: Galop - Hate-crime.

Tell Mama

Tell MAMA provides counselling support to victims of anti-Muslim hate or Islamophobia in addition to the casework, emotional support, legal signposting, advocacy, and court attendance support that Tell MAMA provides to those who experience anti-Muslim hatred or Islamophobia.

Telephone: 0800 456 1226.
Web: Tell Mama.

Community Security Trust

The Community Security Trust (CST) defines as an anti-Semitic incident any malicious act aimed at Jewish people, organisations or property, where there is evidence that the act has anti-Semitic motivation or content, or that the victim was targeted because they were (or were believed to be) Jewish.

Telephone: 0800 032 3263.
Web: CST - Protecting our Jewish community.

Bury LGBTQI+ Forum

Bury LGBTQI+ Forum respond to issues raised by members which can be at a local, national, and international level in the advancement of LGBTQI rights. We aim to create safe spaces, extend our support for reporting crime and domestic abuse, in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.

Web: The Bury Directory - Bury LGBTQI+ Forum.