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The Community Right to Bid aims to keep valued land and buildings such as local schools, churches, pubs and sports venues in community use.

The local community can nominate property or land, and if the council agrees with their request, it is listed as being an asset of community value. If something on this register is offered for sale, the owner has to delay the sale until the local community are given the opportunity to buy the asset.

We will decide within eight weeks of receipt of an application whether the asset should be listed or not.

What happens to properties on the list?

Once an asset has been listed nothing further will happen unless the owner decides to dispose of it.

If an owner decides to sell an asset they have to inform the Council of their intentions.

We will inform the community groups who asked for the asset to be listed, and they have six weeks to decide if they want to make a bid for it.

If the local community decides to bid, they then have six months to secure the funding to buy the asset at market value. During this period the owner cannot sell it to anyone else.

If the local community cannot raise the funds to buy the asset, then after six months the owner can sell to whoever they choose.