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Council Information Points act as a link between customers and council services in providing easy access at a time and place to suit.

Some of the services we can help you with

  • Taking non-cash payments - on all Council services such as Council Tax, rent, car parking fines, dog fouling fines, library charges i.e. book fines, audio visual loan hire, computer print-outs etc.
  • Request a service and/or Report a Problem - submit reports about service requests for things such as bulky waste collection, request a new bin, report any problems with street lighting, potholes, highways, street lighting, dog fouling etc.
  • Freephone - so you can contact other council services during normal office hours, such as Six Town Housing, Customer Support & Collection, Planning, etc.
  • Council forms - you can hand in completed Council forms and we can also provide assistance if you need help completing Council forms
  • Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit - help with making your claim, photocopying and verifying supporting documentation and then forwarding to the appropriate Department
  • Active Lifestyle Discount Card - check eligibility and get your discount card to receive discounted rates at Bury leisure centres and library service

These libraries can help with all the services listed above

Customers can make payments online from a public access computer in the library.