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A number of our local trade directories have been digitised thanks to funding from Bury & District Local History Society.

Each directory is hosted on its own page and is split into several parts for easy download. It's possible to search the directories by going to: Edit and then Find, or by using the right-hand mouse button, by clicking on Find and then by entering a word in the search box at the top right-hand side of the document.

We have made every effort to ensure that each pdf is accessible to our visually-impaired customers by checking each file with Adobe Pro for accessibility and SuperNova for readability. If you have a problem accessing any of the pdfs please feel free to contact us on 0161 253 6782.

Bury directories

1850 - Heap's 1850 Directory of Bury

1871 - Worrall's 1871 Directory of Bury, Bolton and district

1880 - Barrett's 1880 Directory of Bury, Heywood, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe and Pilkington

1883 - Barrett's 1883 Directory of Bury, Heywood, Radcliffe, Pilkington, Prestwich and Ramsbottom

1888 - Slater's 1888 Directory of Bury, Heywood, Radcliffe and Ramsbottom

1888 -1889 - Bury & Radcliffe Commercial Directory 1888-1889

1899/1900 - Bury Times 1899/1900 Directory

1936 - Bury County Borough Directory 1936

Regional directories including entries for Bury and surrounding towns

1821/1822 - Pigot and Dean Directory of Manchester and Salford

1824/1825 - Pigot and Dean Directory of Manchester and Salford

1828/1829 - Pigot and Co National Commercial Directory

1838 - Pigot Manchester and District Directory

1853 - Whelan and Co Directory of Manchester and Salford

1913 - North West Counties of England Trade Directory

1924 - Kelly's Lancs Directory