Homelessness strategy

In 2020 partners across Bury adopted 'Let's Do It - Bury 2030', the vision and blueprint of how the Council and its communities want to see Bury flourish over the next 10 years. At the heart of this strategy is a new commitment to prevention, early intervention and the co-design of solutions with communities.

In parallel, the Council led the development of a complementary housing strategy which sets out the following key objectives:

  • More good quality, low-carbon and healthy homes in the borough, designed to meet our bespoke checklist for great places.
  • Increased affordable housing supply - through new build, leasing and acquisition.
  • A more dynamic housing market - a broader range of housing tenures and more tailored support for people to access a suitable home they want under any tenure.
  • Support that enables people to live well in their own community.
  • Intelligent, evidence-driven, targeted investment to improve health through housing.
  • A township housing strategy shaped to support the future of each town centre and neighbourhood.
  • To align with Government's objective to eliminate rough sleeping by 2024 - through an evidenced approach to preventing homelessness, increasing supply of affordable new homes, supporting accessibility and 'enabling support' towards independence. The continued Government support, resources and funding will be critical in achieving this objective.

The prevention and management of homelessness and rough sleeping in Bury is managed by a multi-agency partnership comprised of community leaders; service users and others with lived experience; the Council and Six Town Housing. This document, Bury's Homelessness Strategy for 2021-2025, has been co-produced by the partnership and sets out the vision for how the strategic objective to eliminate rough sleeping and prevent homelessness will be achieved and how outcomes for these vulnerable people will be secured through a proactive, multi-agency approach.