Second testing station

Frequently asked questions

What is happening with the second testing station?

The Council has appointed Sunnybank Service Station, Sunnybank Road, Unsworth BL9 8HJ.

Is Sunnybank Service Station an independent testing station?

Yes, Sunnybank Service Station is totally independent.

I have already booked my test with Bradley Fold can I change my test to go to Sunnybank Service Station?

No, because you will have already paid for your test to be done at Bradley Fold you must have the test there. At your next renewal you will be able to choose to have your vehicle test at either Bradley Fold or Sunnybank Service Station.

Can I cancel my test at Bradley Fold and rebook with Sunnybank Service Station?

No, you are not able to cancel your test at Bradley Fold as you have already paid for the vehicle test to be completed at Bradley Fold.

Can I change my Interim Test to Sunnybank Service Station if it has been booked at Bradley Fold?

No, you will be required to present your vehicle for test at Bradley Fold.

If I am unable to obtain a vehicle test before my vehicle licence expires at Sunnybank Service Station, what should I do?

You will need to complete the online form MOT payment for Bradley Fold which will require you to make payment for your vehicle compliance test. You will then be contacted to arrange a convenient date and time. This will ensure that your vehicle is tested before your Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle licence expires.

What if my vehicle licence expires at the end of March or the 1 April 2022?

You must make sure that you book your vehicle test at least 10 working days before the date your licence expires. If you leave it to the last day, you may not be able to get a test and your vehicle licence will expire. Your vehicle will then be off the road until it has passed its test.

How can I book a test with Sunnybank Service Station?

The licensing unit are working on the documentation, and it will be available on the website in due course. An email will be sent to tell you when it is ready.

Will I be able to have my vehicle repaired at Sunnybank Service Station?

You will need to discuss this with Sunnybank Service Station.

Will I be able to have my vehicle repaired at Bradley Fold in the future?

We are looking into this: further information will be provided when available.

Will I get an MOT certificate when I've had my vehicle tested at Sunnybank Service Station?

No, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance. You should also complete the V112 document, which can be found at - Declaration of exemption from MOT (V112).