Accumulations of household refuse

If there is waste accumulating in the garden area or yard of the property, the Council may be able to facilitate removal informally by contacting the Landowner or through enforcement. If the waste accumulating presents a public health hazard and is likely to give rise to odours flies and vermin, then the Council can take action using the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The type of waste the Council can deal with formally, through enforcement, includes household refuse or contaminated rotten soft furnishings. Formal action cannot be taken for accumulations of waste that do not present a public health hazard this would include, building waste, garden waste, inert household items, clean, soft furnishings and untidy gardens.

Properties Open to Access

If entry to the property can be obtained through any ground floor window and door opening the Council can arrange for the property to be secured. We cannot deal with properties that are open to access via the first floor of the property.

Conditions inside the property

If you believe that conditions inside the empty property are affecting the enjoyment of your property, then this can be reported to the Neighbourhoods Enforcement Team. This would include complaints such as vermin, flies and odours.

How do I report an empty property

Report an empty or hazardous property

Six Town Housing properties

If the property you are reporting is maintained by Six Town housing, please contact them on 0161 686 8000 or visit Six Town Housing.