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If you believe a bin has been abandoned or is not being used, you can report this to us. Reports of abandoned or unused bins will be assessed and if appropriate, we'll remove it.

A bin may be removed if it's reported as:

  • a bin at your property that you no longer need
  • abandoned in a street
  • being left outside and not in regular use 
  • having no identifiable property associated to it.

If you inform us of a bin you no longer need at your property, a recycling officer will arrange to visit your home. The visit will be to assess whether the bin should be removed or not.

When reporting a bin removal, you'll need to tell us:

  • the colour of the bin
  • where the bin is located
  • why you want the bin removed.

If your bin is damaged and you'd like it removed, please request a replacement bin and your damaged bin will be taken when we deliver the replacement.

After you've submitted a request to remove a bin, they are usually removed within 28 working days. For abandoned or unused bins, we'll refurbish them and make them available for other properties who need them.