Council Tax - tell us someone has died

We need to know if someone one has died whose name is on the Council Tax bill.

If someone dies whose name is not on the bill we still need to know if:

  • there is now only one adult resident in the property
  • the person who died was eligible for a Council Tax discount.

What to do

When you register the death you will be given the option to use the Tell Us Once service. If you choose to use this service the registrar will pass your details to the Council Tax office.

If you did not use the Tell Us Once service, please fill in the form below.

Tell us someone has died

What happens next?

If the property is occupied we will change the name on the Council Tax bill, and if there is only one adult resident we will also award a single persons discount.

If the property is empty we will change the name of the Council Tax bill to that of the executors. It will be exempt from Council Tax until the property is sold, let, or occupied as someone's main home. If the property remains empty it will be exempt until six months after grant of probate/letters of administration are issued.

If the property was rented, it will remain exempt from Council Tax until the tenancy is ended, if this period does not extend to further than six months following grant of probate or letters of administration.

Any overpaid Council Tax will be refunded to the executors when grant of probate or letters of administration have been issued.