Climate action strategy consultation

Climate action - Let's do it

We have declared a climate emergency and set a target to be carbon neutral by 2038. In response we have created a draft Bury Climate Action Strategy and a linked 2021 Bury Climate Action Plan to clean the air,  protect our environment, and care for the health and wellbeing of our communities. 

Let's do it...

  • For our planet
  • For each other
  • For future generations

These documents can be downloaded below and are open for public consultation from 5pm on Thursday 3 June until 5pm on Thursday 12 August 2021.  

As part of the consultation process, we plan to:

  • host a variety of digital and in-person events including webinars and drop-in sessions (these events will be held across the borough to allow everyone to participate in the process);
  • engage and reach out to communities via faith leaders/groups, local action groups, community groups, special interest groups, businesses, schools and residents to raise awareness of the climate action strategy consultation and the need for community-wide action (email if you are interested in arranging a joint event around the consultation or climate action in general).   

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What happens next
Background information

Find out more

To find out more about plans for Bury to be carbon neutral by 2038 you can download the draft strategy and action plan below. Or to request a paper copy of these documents email

Have your say

Climate change touches every aspect of our society and affects everyone, and every community.

In our consultation we want to capture as many views and opinions as possible so that we can ensure our plans are representative of our communities. This is an opportunity for everyone who lives, works, studies, or enjoys Bury in their leisure time, to have their say and help shape the final Bury Climate Action Strategy.

Please take a few minutes to have your say about climate action in Bury and let us know your top three issues and any suggestions you may have for further action. 

Complete the Bury climate action consultation survey

To request a paper copy of the consultation survey email

What happens next?

All comments that are received from the consultation will be thoroughly considered and, where appropriate, amendments will be made to the draft Bury Climate Action Strategy.

A final version of the draft Bury Climate Action Strategy will then be presented to a future meeting of Bury Council's Cabinet seeking formal approval.

Subject to its approval, the Council will work alongside Bury's neighbourhoods, townships and local communities to deliver the plans and actions.

Background information

In 2019, Bury Council declared a climate emergency and since then the Council has pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2038. In response, the Council has created a draft Bury Climate Action Strategy and linked Bury Climate Action Plan. Through these two documents, we will promote action that tackles the issue and ensures that no one is left behind.

About the Bury draft Climate Action Strategy

Climate change is a wide-reaching issue that touches every aspect of our lives as well as our communities. It is therefore vital that we have a far-reaching strategy that will take us into the future and enable all of us to engage with the issue and benefit from the associated solutions. The draft Bury Climate Action Strategy includes 11 key action areas which take in dozens of different actions and ideas that we will be looking at over the coming years. By taking a holistic attitude towards climate change we can include a variety of incremental solutions that together will enable us to reach carbon neutrality.

In tackling the climate emergency and the associated environmental issues, there is an opportunity for us to not only improve our environment but also our communities as many societal issues are exasperated by climate change. Bury is an incredibly diverse borough and social and economic composition of areas vary greatly and these differences fluctuate over time. Because of the far-reaching nature of our strategy and the differences between neighbourhoods, townships, wards and communities it's important that we reach as many people as possible. 

This work has been developed in line with the Let's Do It (Bury 2030 Strategy), as well as the other strategies and plans under-development within the Council. Departments across the Council have been consulted during the development of the draft Climate Action Strategy, however, internal comments will continue to be incorporated throughout the consultation period alongside public comments.

An overview of the draft Bury Climate Action Strategy

Climate change is a fast-changing issue with science and policy being regularly updated. In response, we took the decision to create two documents as follows.

  • The draft Bury Climate Action Strategy: This is a more static document and provides information on climate change science, background and place-setting information, details the key action areas and the thinking behind our decisions.
  • The draft Bury Climate Action Plan: This is a more dynamic document that will be updated on an annual basis. The document will be used as a mechanism of accountability and will show where progress is being made and where more work is required. As new issues, ideas and technology arises these can be incorporated.

Given the range of issues associated with climate change, the strategy includes 11 key action areas:

  1. Our Energy Supply 
  2. Our Homes, Workplaces and Public Buildings
  3. Low Carbon Travel
  4. The Things we Buy and Throw Away
  5. Food
  6. Our Natural Environment
  7. The Green Economy
  8. Environmental Justice
  9. Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  10. Putting Climate Change at the Heart of Council Action
  11. Carbon offsetting