Virtual schools pupil premium grant

All Looked after Children from reception to year 11 are allocated a grant of £2345 per child by the Department for Education (DfE). This is to help achieve their full educational potential, develop their aspirations and reach their goals. It is the Virtual School Head's responsibility to determine how the funding is used and distributed to schools to effectively support Looked After Children to make good progress and achieve well.

In Bury currently £100 per child is sent automatically to schools every term (under review). The rest is distributed on the basis of need. At the personal education plan (PEP) meeting, funds that are required, over and above the child's normal entitlement, are discussed. These additional costs are stated in the PEP and then the school can request these funds via the PPG request form. This is submitted to the virtual school head who will scrutinise and approve or challenge the request, as not every child will need PPG and some will require far more than the allocation.

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