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All young people in care are required to have a Personal Education Plan (PEP)

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the education provision is right for the child or young person and the voice of the child or young person is heard and they are supported by all professionals involved in their education and wellbeing.

A PEP meeting is held termly and usually hosted at the child or young person's school. The usual people to attend a PEP meeting are the child or young person, designated teacher, social worker and carer. Alongside these can be representatives from Virtual School, health professionals or any other agencies working to provide positive outcomes for our young people.

An important part of the PEP is to discuss possible ways that the child or young person can make progress and how Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) can assist this. Use of PPG should be integral to the targets. The use of Pupil Premium Grant is monitored and agreed or challenged by the virtual school headteacher.