A Bed Every Night (ABEN)

Bury has made a commitment to provide 'A Bed Every Night' (ABEN) for all people that are rough sleeping on the streets in Bury.

The ABEN Phase 4 provision will provide:

  • Bed for the night and provision
  • Accommodation with appropriate facilities 24 hours a day
  • Intense wrap around support for the client

Complete the 'A Bed Every Night' online referral

Please note: This online form is not to be used for families with dependent children, you will need to contact the Homeless Assessment & Support Service (see: Homeless information and advice).

Alternatively, rough sleepers can present to the Town Hall to complete the referral and relevant forms.

We also have a Rough sleepers Outreach service in which our team will complete outreach and interventions for all rough sleepers. If you are aware of any Rough sleepers please contact the Homeless Assessment & Support Service on 0161 253 5537 or email roughsleepers@bury.gov.uk.