Apply for an animal licence

We are responsible for licensing several activities relating to the welfare of animals under several Acts of Parliament. This legislation is aimed at protecting animals to carry out certain businesses or have possession of certain animals within the borough of Bury without first being licensed by the Council.

The purpose of the animal establishment's legislation set out below is to protect the health, safety and welfare of animals and prevent the spread of disease.

We issue licences for the below activities relating to the welfare of animals and are regulated by the following Acts:

Defra guidance notes

You must read the relevant Defra guidance notes for the licence you require before you apply:


The cost of an Animal licence is dependent on what type of licence you need, how many animals it will cover and how long it will last. See a full breakdown of the animal licence fees:

How to apply

You will need to provide the following evidence as part of your application.

  • A plan of the premises
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Operating procedures
  • Risk assessments (including fires)
  • Infection control procedure
  • Qualifications
  • Training records

An application to renew an animal licence must be made before the expiry date of your existing licence.

You will need to pay a non-refundable application fee. Please complete the form below with the correct fee.

Animal licence application

What happens next?

We aim to process your application within 28 days of receipt. We will contact you to schedule an inspection of your premises by an animal welfare officer. Please note, you'll also need to pay the cost of any veterinary fees if a vet is needed during the inspection. A licence may be granted for one, two- or three-years dependent on the outcome of the inspection and the type of activity you're undertaking. We will call you to take payment of any additional licence fees, payment must be made by a credit or debit card.

If the officer is satisfied your premises meets all the licence conditions and the correct fee has been paid, we will issue your licence.