The C500 keysafe


Primarily offered to new or existing carelink customers only, the C500 keysafe is one of only two products in the market place that conforms to security industry standards, and is also the only police approved key safe tested to the same standard as an external door.

With sufficient storage for up to six keys, this substantial product can provide access for emergency services in the event that you need help quickly, or it can be used by care agencies or other services that may be supporting you, to gain access if you aren't able to open the door yourself.


One C500 keysafe supplied and fitted with up to 2 yrs manufacturer warranty - £96.00 including VAT.


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Terms and conditions of keysafe fitting service


  • Carelink can provide a keysafe fitting service to new or existing customers.
  • Carelink will only supply a keysafe to someone who is already, or has agreed to be, a customer.
  • Location and fitting of the keysafe will take place in line with customer wishes, unless the requested location could compromise the security of the product. Should this be the case advice on an appropriate location will be offered.
  • Fixings used to secure the keysafe will only be as supplied with the product and as recommended by the manufacturer. The method of fixing will also be in line with manufacturers recommendations.
  • If the customer lives in rented accommodation, Carelink expects that permission to fit a keysafe will be established between the tenant and landlord before installation takes place. Any requests for costs for damages/make good, to Carelink by landlords where permission has not been granted, will be passed to the user.
  • Installer will provide instruction and advice on keysafe use and coding.
  • Risk shall pass to the customer upon installation, at which point the customer should insure the goods against all risk.
  • A 24 month manufacturer's warranty is supplied with each product against manufacturing defects only. Carelink will provide a 'back to base' function should such defects become apparent; however this will only apply during the term of the warranty.
  • Any defects in fitting should be brought as soon as possible to the attention of the Carelink service; as they are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Where defects in fitting are identified and agreed; Carelink will resolve at no cost to the customer.
  • Improper use causing operational difficulties or damage to the product is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty and is not the responsibility of the Carelink service to resolve.
  • Carelink will charge a standard call out fee of £15.00 if a fault developing during the warranty period is identified during our visit as 'customer error'.
  • Upon completion of installation, the customer or their representative will be required to sign the installers paperwork to confirm satisfactory completion

Payment details

  • Payment may be made prior to or after installation. Where payment is not made prior to installation, payment will be requested by invoice to the customers address. Full details on method of payment will be provided on the invoice.
  • Prompt payment is expected on all accounts. Failure to pay for services in a prompt and timely manner may result in additional costs being incurred by the customer in line with Bury Council policy.
  • Retention of ownership: The title in any goods supplied by Carelink shall not pass to the customer until Carelink has received payment in full for all such goods.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Personal information

  • Data protection: Customers should note that Carelink will store any access codes for keysafe products electronically or on paper records as required by the service to allow emergency access should it be required e.g. emergency access required by police, fire, ambulance services, or out of hours doctor / district nurse services.
    Carelink may hold these records throughout the period of service and for seven years after the service terminates. Carelink therefore recommends that upon cessation of the service, customers should consider changing the code allowing access to the keysafe.
  • To best deliver the service, Carelink asks that any changes to personal information are notified to Carelink as soon as possible.
  • Customers should note that all telephone calls to and from the Carelink service are recorded and stored for a minimum of 12 months for the purposes of training, quality, and where necessary to establish fact.