Policy and improvement

Bury Council's Vision, Purpose and Values 2015-2020

The Council's Vision, Purpose and Values document set out the strategic direction for the Council, looking towards 2020.

The plan outlined the vision for the Council - to lead, shape and maintain a prosperous, sustainable, Bury that is fit for the future

It acknowledged that we need to change the way we work given the relentless financial pressures that the Council is facing. The Plan indicates that the Council will have to reduce the services that we provide, focusing on what we have to do and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable.

There are six priorities to help provide the focus for our work:

  1. Drive forward through effective marketing and information, proactive engagement with the people of Bury to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing.
  2. Continue to develop business friendly policies to attract inward investment and new jobs so that Bury retains its position as a premier destination for retail, leisure, tourism and culture
  3. Ensure new and affordable housing is developed to support growth in the Bury and Greater Manchester economy.
  4. Build on the culture of efficiency and effectiveness through new, progressive and integrated partnership working models to drive forward the Council's and City Region Public Service growth and reform agenda
  5. Ensure staff have the right skills to embrace significant organisational change, through embedding a culture of ownership, empowerment and decision making at all levels of the organisation
  6. Work toward reducing reliance on government funding by developing new models of delivery that are affordable, add value and based on need

Poverty strategy

Over the past few decades Bury has undergone significant regeneration. The town centre is thriving and there are superb travel links, popular schools and colleges, excellent employment opportunities and outstanding leisure, sport and recreational facilities. However, not all of Bury's residents are sharing the benefits. There are severe pockets of deprivation across the borough.

The Bury Partnership Anti-Poverty Strategy 2018-2021 is a borough-wide document which seeks to tackle inequality through targeted strategies of support to build resilience, empower local people and reduce demand on services. It will be delivered by an accompanying action plan, focusing partnership activity around three key priorities:

  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Financial inclusion and resilience
  • Developing skills and increasing employability.

Data quality policy

Timely and accurate information is the basis for effective decision making and managing performance at all levels of the organisation. To this end, we have a data quality policy to promote an appropriate and consistent approach to the collection, calculation and application of data across the council.

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