Coronation Park


New Road, Radcliffe

Grid Ref: (E) 379015, (N) 406847
Area: 3.53 hectares

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  • Croquet lawn
  • Children's play area
  • Ball zone end for football nets and basketball
  • Youth shelter

A brief introduction to Coronation Park

Located a short distance from Radcliffe town centre, Coronation Park is a small urban local community park of approximately 3.53 hectares.

The park is situated on a steep hill and therefore could be difficult for people with pushchairs and disabilities, although access to the play area can be gained from St John's Street. The park does have the well-maintained footways.

Bury Croquet Club

The croquet lawns is maintained by Bury Croquet Club. Visit the Bury Croquet Club website to find out to how to play.