Town Meadow Park

Town Meadow Park in Tottington


Off Market Street, Tottington

Grid Ref: (E) 379249, (N) 410901
Area: 1.9 hectares

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  • Crown green bowling pavilion and green 
  • Playing fields with a full size football pitch
  • Children's play area and ball shoot
  • Two tennis courts
  • Car park at the Laurel Street entrance

A brief introduction to Town Meadow Park

Town Meadow is a small but welcoming urban park in the heart of the village of Tottington. At the front running parallel with the main road is a memorial garden with seating areas and attractive seasonal floral displays. The park is known to some as 'Towns Meadow', but the correct name is actually 'Town Meadow'. The park has an array of facilities which are widely used by local people from the village. Located approximately three miles away from Bury town centre, the park is close to the Kirklees Nature Trail and a number of fishing lodges.

The park is fairly level throughout with well-maintained footways and is accessible to people using wheelchairs and families with push-chairs.

Green Flag Award

Town Meadow Park has retained a Green Flag Award since 2005. The national Green Flag Award scheme recognises excellence in greenspace management and measures criteria such as cleanliness, maintenance, sustainability, community involvement, heritage, nature conservation, health, safety, security and overall management.


In 1212, Tottington was originally known as "Tottinton" from the Old English meaning "land or farmstead belonging to a man called Tota." Alternatively, the first part "tot" may be from an Old English word meaning "hilltop lookout point" It was originally owned by the De Montbegons, but was later swapped and changed for land elsewhere. Tottington was originally made up of Tottington Higher End and Tottington Lower End but in 1894 Tottington Lower End was separated to become part of Ramsbottom Urban District. In 1894 the remaining area of the Township (renamed in 1894 Tottington) became part of Tottington Urban District together with part of Elton Township. In 1933 part of the Urban district was added to Bury Borough. In 1974 the Urban District became part of Bury Metropolitan Borough, which is where Town Meadow Park is located.

The library / town hall that is located within the boundary of the park originally was Tottington Hall, home of the Nuttall Family - which was the oldest family in Tottington. It is believed that the grounds of the park itself were originally owned by the Nuttall's. In the 17th Century considerable restorations and alterations to the building took place. Tottington Urban District Council purchased the hall and estate from Hugh Porritt Roberts in February 1918 for £2750.

Mr Thomas Nuttall also contributed a sum of money to the local school - Tottington High School on Laurel Street. The stone slab adjacent to the bowling green records Thomas Nuttall's gift, it reads;

"Thomas Nuttall of Tottington Gent built this school in the year of 1715 and endowed it with £3 per annum. Peter Baron of Walshaw Gent in the year 1773 endowed it with £9 per annum...." Unfortunately, part of this inscription is in no longer legible.