Newly qualified teachers

Bury is 9 miles from Manchester and is set in beautiful countryside - it is proud to be town and proud to be country! It has good transport links with an excellent public transport network in addition to excellent motorway connections.

Bury is a great place to start your teaching career, attracting a significant number of new entrants to the profession year on year. Its schools are diverse and are committed to inclusion and to meeting the needs of the communities that they serve. Schools' reputations are consistently endorsed by Ofsted findings.

Bury schools welcome Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) and appreciate the vitality and enthusiasm that they bring to the profession, providing quality teaching for Bury's young learners, enabling them to reach their personal, social and academic potential.

The arrangements for every NQT to complete a period of induction provide a bridge from initial teacher training to effective personal practice. The Local Authority and its schools give wholehearted support to the induction process and to the importance of laying secure foundations for future professional and career development. All schools run in-house induction programmes and also have the opportunity to send NQTs to professional development training courses which are organised through the Bury Teaching Schools Alliance and Best Trust - Bury educational support and training.

Teaching is a demanding profession, requiring its members to meet high personal and professional standards. In Bury you will find a warm welcome, excellent support from colleagues in school and LA personnel who will give you the benefit of their knowledge, skills and expertise to help you to succeed.

Applying for jobs

Bury LA operates a pool of Primary NQTs on an annual basis. The Primary NQT Pool for September 2018 is now closed. The Primary Pool for September 2019 will be advertised in January 2019 on Job vacancies at Bury Council and in the Times Educational Supplement.

Looking for accommodation

Bury has an Affordable Housing Scheme which is part of a Government initiative designed to allow individuals and families better access to housing and aid first time buyers in getting a foot on the housing ladder by providing low cost housing. Teachers can apply for this scheme after 6 months in post.

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