Civil wedding premises licence

Civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies must take place at venues that have been approved by us for that purpose. Approval is valid for three years. Applications must be sent to us for premises situated in the Bury area.

Summary of Regulation

  • Having regard to their primary use, situation, construction and state of repair, the premises must, in the opinion of the authority, be a seemly and dignified venue for the proceedings.
  • The premises must be regularly available to the public for use for the solemnisation of marriages, or the formation of civil partnerships in accordance with The Marriage Act 1949 and the registration of civil marriages under The Civil Partnership Act 2004. 
  • The premises must have the benefit of such fire precautions as we reasonably require, having consulted the Fire Authority and rescue authority, and such other reasonable provision for the health and safety of persons employed in or visiting the built premises as the authority considers appropriate.
  • The premises must not be a religious premises and premises where the built premises are a register office. This does not apply to premises where a register office is situated in the built premises, provided that the room which is subject to approval is not the same room as the room which is the register office.
  • The room or rooms in which the proceedings are to take place in the built premises if approval is granted must be identified by description as a distinct part of the built premises.


  • A plan of the premises which must be clear and legible in all material respects; and such other information we may require to determine if the premises meet the eligibility criteria above.

  • Applicants will be required to advertise their application in a local newspaper. We will make a copy of the application available to the public for inspection at Bury Licensing office. We then will arrange for the premises to be inspected.

  • We must grant the application where no objections have been received. However, a hearing must be held if any objections are made in respect of the application.

  • Once your application has been granted, we will send you a copy of the approval and the standard conditions to be attached. We may also attach further conditions as we consider reasonable to ensure the facilities provided at the premises are suitable.

  • Applications for licenses must be advertised in a local newspaper with a period of three weeks for objections.

  • The form asks you to provide details of yourself and your venue. You must provide a plan of the building showing the inside room or rooms where the ceremonies will be held and if applicable the boundaries of the grounds where outdoor ceremonies can be held.


The application fee is £925. The application must be made by the proprietor or trustee of the premises, complete the application below.

Apply for approval of premises for civil marriage and civil partnership

What happens next

If your licence has been granted, we will post this out to you. If you are unsuccessful, we will tell you why and how to request a review if the approval has been refused.

Tacit consent

This means you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us at the end of 28 days. Where objections have been received to the application, we must determine the application within 56 days.