Disagree with a benefits decision

If you disagree with a decision we have made about your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support we can look at your case again.

Asking for an explanation

If you want to know what has happened with your claim, contact us and we will explain how we made our decision and the information we used.

Asking us to look at our decision again

Our decisions include things like:

  • whether you can get benefit or support
  • how much you get
  • how we pay it
  • what happens if we pay too much

Ask us to reconsider our decision

If you need independent advice, welfare rights organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help.

If you are unhappy about the way we have dealt with your claim, for example due to a delay or receiving poor service please see our complaints page.

For Housing Benefit claims please ask us to review your claim within one calendar month of the date of the decision letter. If you are unable to contact us within this time, we may still be able to change the decision. Tell us the reasons for the delay when you contact us.

For Council Tax Support claims there is no time limit for you to contact us. However you will continue to be charged Council Tax in the meantime, so it is better to ask us to look at your claim again as soon as possible after we have told you about our decision.

Appeal to an independent tribunal

Before you appeal to a tribunal you need to ask us to look again at our decision first. If we do not change our decision or decide to pay you less benefit, you can take the matter further. There are different tribunals for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support appeals.

Housing Benefit appeals

If we do not change the decision, or decide to pay you less benefit, we will send your Housing Benefit appeal to HM Courts and Tribunals Service. You do not have to make a further appeal to them.

The Tribunals Service will contact you to ask if you want to continue with your appeal. You can choose to attend a hearing, or it can be heard in your absence using the information you have provided. If you choose to attend a hearing this will usually be in Manchester or Bolton. The Tribunals Service may pay some of your travel costs for going to the hearing.

Find out more about HM Courts and Tribunals Service

Council Tax Support appeals

If we do not change our decision, or decide to pay you less Council Tax Support, we will write to you and let you know. If you wish to take the matter further you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service. Please note this is a different organisation from HM Courts and Tribunals Service, who consider Housing Benefit appeals. We do not automatically send your details to the Valuation Tribunals Service. Instead you need to contact them to make an appeal.

Make a Council Tax Support appeal to the Valuation Tribunals Service

Contact for Benefits Appeals