Putting your bins out

Use the information below to find out when, where and how to put your bins out and what you should put in them. 

When to put out your bin

  • Put your bins out by 7am on your collection day as collection times can vary.
  • Return your bins to your property as soon as possible after we have emptied them. 
  • Use our online search to check your collection days and dates and to sign-up for e-mail reminders. 

Where to put your bin

  • Bins from non-terraced houses should be put out at the front, either at the kerbside or at the usual collection point.
  • Bins from terraced houses should be put out at the back, either at the kerbside or at the usual collection point. 

Please note: If you aren't sure of your collection point, observe what you neighbours do or contact us to check. 

How to put your bins out

  • Put your bins out with the handles facing the road
  • Make sure all your waste fits inside your bins with the lids fully closed (no extra bags please)
  • Park your vehicles where they will not obstruct our collection vehicles
  • Put your house number on your bins - this will help you to know which bins are yours and help prevent them from being stolen.

What goes in which bin

You should only recycle the items that we ask you to in the right bin and only use your grey bin for waste you can't recycle.Check what goes in which bin.

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