Repairs and housing conditions

Council housing repairs and maintenance

Report a repair needed on your council home, check planned improvements and get advice about maintenance from Six Town Housing

Private housing repairs and maintenance

Report a repair needed on your property and get advice or assistance from Bury Council.

Energy efficiency and affordable warmth for your home

Get information, advice and financial assistance to keep your home energy efficient and warm.

Houses in Multiple Occupation and shared homes

Check if you live in a HMO or shared home and find out what standards your landlord must meet.

Home safety advice

Your home, whether an apartment, bungalow, flat, bedsit or a house, should be a comfortable and safe environment. While safety-proofing every aspect of your home is impossible, you can make some simple improvements that will make your home safer for everyone

Disabled Facilities Grant

How to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant which can be given to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there.

Empty properties

Find out how to report an empty property, what to do if you own one and how to buy one.

Immigration inspections

Applications to determine if accommodation is suitable for the purpose of immigration to the United Kingdom.