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Charges for requesting bins

  • For blue, brown and green recycling bins we charge £15.75 per bin
  • For grey household rubbish bins we charge £39.90 per bin

Please note:

  • All charges must be paid in advance.
  • The charge for recycling bins has been kept as low as possible to encourage recycling.
  • All bins remain the property of Bury Council - charges contribute to our administration and delivery costs, they don't cover the full cost of a bin.
  • We don't always provide a new bin, but any bin we provide will be clean and fit for purpose.   
  • A recycling officer may visit your property at any time regarding your request
  • If you tell us you are moving house we may check if you are registered for Council Tax.

Requesting bins online

You can request a bin online if:

  • Your bin is missing
  • Your bin is damaged
  • You need to change the size of your bin
  • You want to request an extra bin

Please check the following information before continuing with your request.

Bin care

If you take care of your bins they should last for many years. You can look after your bins and help avoid them going missing or getting damaged by: 

  • putting your bins out by 7am on your collection day, rather than leaving them out the night before;
  • putting your bins away as soon as you can, after we have emptied them; 
  • putting your house number on all your  bins. 

Requesting a full set of bins for a newly-built property

If you want to request a full set of four bins for a newly-built property you can't do this online, you must make your request by phone.  Phone our Customer Contact Team on 0161 253 5353 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Don't forget if you are moving to a new address you need to register to make Council Tax payments

Requesting extra bins

You can request an extra blue or green recycling bin if you have extra recycling after squashing and flattening your items. 

You can't request an extra brown recycling bin, we only provide one brown bin per household. 

You can request an extra grey household rubbish bin if you have extra waste you can't recycle.  For example: 

  • you throw away a lot of disposable nappies;
  • you throw away medical or healthcare waste. 

So that we can process your application we ask you to provide the following documentation. 

  • A utility bill (to confirm you live in the property)
  • For each child, a recent child benefit, child tax credit or Universal Credit letter (to confirm the children living in the property)
  • For each adult, a mobile phone bill or bank statement (to confirm the adults living in the property)

A doctor's letter may also be required if you indicate that your request is because of medical or healthcare reasons. 

Please note:

  • You will also need to show you recycle as much of your household waste as you can.
  • We may also visit your home to carry out a waste audit and offer advice on how you can better manage your waste.
  • Extra grey bins are provided with a red lid so that they are identifiable  
  • Extra grey bin applications are usually reviewed annually. 
  • If your circumstances change you must let us know.

Kitchen caddies and compostable liners for food waste

You can request a kitchen caddy and compostable liners at the same time as you request a brown recycling bin.

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Request a bin