Pre-application advice

We are committed to providing a positive and proactive Planning Service which meets government performance targets for the processing of applications. So we recognise the value of pre-application discussions for the efficient handling of subsequent applications and therefore encourage those considering new development to engage in this process.

If you wish to obtain our opinion on your proposal please see our form, guidance and scale of charges below.

Note. We will not comment on what is suitable development on a plot of land, i.e. up for sale via auction, without submission of a formal pre-application enquiry.

Pre-application charges

See: Guidance and charging rates for pre-application advice on new development schemes

Categories for pre-application advice on all development


  • Category A - Householder development
    • All proposals relating to householder applications, whether affecting a listed building or not, pre-application advice would be a fixed charge.
  • Category B - Non domestic listed buildings and telecommunications development
    • Irrespective of the scale of works involved, proposals falling into this category would attract a fixed pre-application advice fee.
  • Category C - Small commercial or residential development
    • Proposals for pre-application advice would attract a charge within this category if they are on a site or occupying a site of less than 0.5ha or less than 1000m2.
    • Residential development for 1 no. dwelling
    • This category would include commercial extensions, alterations or changes of use.
  • Category D - Minor residential development
    • Proposals for pre-application advice would be subject to a charge as described below for all residential development of between 2 and 9 dwellings or where the site area is less than 0.5 hectare.
  • Category E - Major development
    • New floorspace or change of use of more than 1,000 square metres or where the site area is more than 0.5 hectare.
    • Where development proposals are for 10 to 49 dwellings
    • The winning or working of minerals or proposals involving waste
  • Category F - Large scale major development

Requesting advice

pdf icon Download and complete our request pre-application advice form [191kb]. Where ever possible you should include the following with your request:

  • a description of the site location and the proposed works
  • photographs showing the area affected by the proposed works and others showing the surrounding area.
  • site location map with the boundary of the application site outlined in red and the boundary of any other property controlled by the applicant outlined in blue. These can be purchased from the National Map Centre or any Ordnance Survey reseller.
  • plans or other drawings. We appreciate that for 'householder' type developments the cost of providing professional drawings could be prohibitive at this stage, however without any form of drawings the advice we can provide will be limited.

Please remember that the more information you can provide about your proposal, the more accurate and in depth our feedback will be.


We will make every effort to ensure that the advice given in the pre-application process is as accurate as possible. However any advice given by council officers for pre-application enquiries does not constitute a formal response or decision of the council with regards to any future planning applications and, whilst it may be a material consideration, cannot be held to bind the council in its validation or formal determination of a subsequent application.

If an application is subsequently submitted which fails to take on board advice given by officers, then the council may refuse it without further discussion with the applicant or their agent

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