Business rates discounts for small businesses

You can get small business rate relief if your property:

  • is occupied, and
  • has a rateable value of less than £15,000

The rateable value is shown on your business rates bill, or you can check it on - estimate your business rates. 

How much do you get

The amount of your discount depends on the rateable value of your property. The thresholds for small business rates relief increased in April 2017:

Small business rates relief amounts
Rateable values thresholds before April 2017Rateable values thresholds after April 2017Amount of small business rates relief
£6,000 or less£12,000 or less100%
£6,001 to £12,000£12,001 to £15,000Between 100% and 0% on a sliding scale - the larger the rateable value the smaller the amount of relief

More than one property

Normally you cannot get small business rate relief if you have more than one business property. If you do have more than one property, the relief is only available if:

  • the rateable value of each of the other properties is below £2,900, and
  • the total of all the rateable values is less than £20,000

If this is the case you will only get small business rates relief on the property with the highest rateable value.

If you take on a new property which takes you over this threshold you will continue to be entitled to small business rates relief for 12 months.

How to apply

We will look at awarding small business rates relief using the information you give us when you register for business rates. Sometimes we may need to contact you for more information, before we can reduce your bill. If you believe we have not awarded it when we should have done, please complete this form:

Apply for small business rates relief

In most cases the earliest date we can award small business rates relief from is April 2012. If you believe you should have a reduction from before this date please contact us.

Let us know if something changes

Although you may not have to pay business rates because you receive small business rates relief you should still let us know if:

  • you change address
  • your property becomes unoccupied
  • you take up occupation of another property
  • there is an increase in the rateable value of a property which you occupy in another council's area.

Tell us about something which affects your small business rates relief

Loss of small business rate relief - supporting small businesses scheme

Businesses who lost small business rate relief, following the revaluation of rateable values in April 2017, will not see their bill increase by more than £50 a month (£600 a year).

The scheme will continue for 5 years. Each year increases in business rates bills for eligible businesses will be capped at £600. The discount will end:

  • when your bill reaches the amount you would have paid without the scheme
  • if the property falls vacant

This discount is applied automatically to your business rates bill.