Carelink and Telecare (emergency alarms)

Carelink uses a 24 hour telephone link and state of the art technology to provide a home safety and personal security system that enables people to live independently within their own homes. It also provides assistance if unwell, reassurance, reduces the feeling of isolation and gives families peace of mind.

It is available to anyone of any age who would like to feel safer, more protected and independent in their own home but provides numerous benefits for:

  • Older people
  • People with disabilities
  • People who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support and assistance at home
  • People at risk of domestic violence, racial harassment, repeat victimisation or distraction burglary
  • Those living in high crime areas
  • People of any age living alone

Carelink costs for 2021/2022:

  • Monthly direct debit: £18.20 excluding VAT
  • Quarterly charge by invoice: £54.60 excluding VAT
  • Annual charge: £218.40 excluding VAT

Before you apply for Carelink you will need:

  1. Name and address and telephone numbers of local key holders
  2. Name and address of your doctor
  3. Any relevant health and medical information

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and live within Bury Council area, funding assistance may be available. Carelink can assist you with this and you will be asked later if you feel you may qualify.

Apply for Carelink or Telecare

There are lots of emergency alarms and living aids available to help you stay independent in your own home.

How to report a problem with your Carelink or Telecare alarm

You can report a problem with your Carelink or Telecare alarm by contacting the Carelink Team.