Appeal against school place decision

Thank you for your application. In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, Bury Council has postponed all in-year and transfer appeals scheduled to be held in April/May 2020. This will be regularly reviewed in conjunction with expected updated guidance from the Department for Education.
Please continue to submit any appeals and the appeals team will log and action these submissions when guidance does become available from the DFE.

If your child has not been offered a place at a school of your preference, you have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel.

You can appeal a decision about a reception class to any or all of the schools, using the online appeals system below.

Appeal against reception class place decision

You can appeal a decision about a secondary school place to any or all of the schools, using the online appeals system below.

Appeal against transfer to secondary school place decision

Online appeal forms for Reception and Transfer will be available from the relevant notification date until the end of July each year.

You can appeal to any school or school where a place has not been offered. 

You can check the Secondary school catchment areas .

Useful notes when submitting your appeal

  • Details copied and pasted from documents into the online application form must be in plain text (no colours, bullet points etc). Anything other than plain text may not be recognised and may not show as you intended when you submit your form.

  • When completing your on-line form you should click the "Save and continue" button to go on to the next page, and should only click the "Submit" button when your form is completed. The submit button will only show (at the bottom of each page) once all the pages have been completed.

  • You will be timed out of the online appeal form after three hours and any information entered will be lost, so please ensure that you complete the form within the timescale.

  • There are some sections which you must complete. When you click the "Save & continue" button, red lettered explanations will pop up if you have not completed the mandatory sections.

  • You are not able to return to the form, so please make sure you have included everything you need to. If you need a copy of your form, you should print each page before you exit the form.

  • You must complete an appeal form for each school you are applying for, as your reasons for appealing to different schools are likely to be different.

  • You should give the reasons for wanting a place at each school. A statement will be prepared showing why the Local Authority or School Governors have not been able to offer a place.

  • Your form and the Local Authority or Governors statement will form the basis of the consideration by the Appeals Panel. You will be invited to the meeting to discuss your case with the Panel. A Local Authority representative or representative of the Governors will also be invited. The Panel will make their decision based on the information available to them at the meeting.

  • If it is necessary for you to go to the Independent Appeals Panel, further information will be sent to you by the Democratic Services Section of the Council who arrange the appeals meetings.


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