Councillors' allowances

The Government has issued regulations, which set out the types of allowances that can be paid to elected members and how the payment rates of these allowances are determined.

The allowances which are or may be paid are as follows:

  • basic allowance
  • special responsibility allowance
  • dependents' carers' allowance
  • travelling and subsistence allowance.

The payment rates for these are recommended for adoption by an Independent Remuneration Panel, which each local authority must establish.

The Independent Remuneration Panel make recommendations about the level of each type of allowance and which members should receive a special responsibility allowance. The Independent Remuneration Panel in Bury consists of the following members:

  • Colin Smith OBE (Chair) - retired Local Authority Chief Executive
  • Arnold Wilcox-Wood - Rock Triangle Centre Director
  • Geraldine Greene - Resident of Bury and Voluntary Sector Worker

Details of the schedules of allowances and the allowances scheme can be found in Part 6 of the Council Constitution - Councillors allowance scheme.

Details of members allowances paid for the last financial year can be found on Members allowance scheme - 2020 to 2021. Please contact us if you require details of allowances paid in previous years.

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