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We have a duty to provide information, guidance and general support to owners of empty properties. This support aims to ensure properties can be returned to use. If our negotiations with an owner fail, there are a number of powers available to us that ensure properties are brought back into use.

Any decision to take further action on an empty property will depend on the circumstances of the case. Some of the common actions that we may take include:

  • serving improvement notices to ensure remedial works are carried out
  • ensuring empty properties are secure and don't pose a danger to the public
  • serving notice to ensure they are not a statutory nuisance
  • improving the appearance of a property if it's classed as a detriment to the amenity.

Acquisition of land and property

Occasionally, we might need to consider more robust and long term solutions to a nuisance empty property. In certain circumstances, we can look at:

  • an enforced sales process, if an empty property has incurred debt toward us
  • empty dwelling management orders (EDMOs), where we look to take over the management of the property, to carry out any required works and then rent the property out
  • a compulsory purchase order, as a last resort. This allows us to take over land, houses or other properties to increase the number of houses available or improve the quality of housing stock.