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When shaping ideas for your projects taking place in the West neighbourhood you must refer to the following health improvement framework.

The framework lists actions and ideas organised into these areas:

  • Food
  • Physical activity
  • Mental health and wellbeing including suicide prevention
  • Self care
  • Children and young people
  • Substance misuse including smoking

In addition, there is a section of other areas of need identified through data, professionals working in the area and the community.

Health Improvement Framework: West neighbourhood
Address food povertyEnhance and promote local networks
Develop knowledge of foodOffer training / workshops to health cooking
Develop community food and growing skillsProvide opportunities for developing cooking skills in the community
Support a move from food poverty to food securitySupport foodbanks to move to food pantries
Maximise use of community resourcesIncreased use of allotments, educational courses to voluntary groups to develop project management
Reducing food wasteDevelop local schemes and programmes that contribute to reducing waste e.g. campaigns, composting etc.
Physical Activity
Promote social, economic and environmental co-benefits of physical activityMass participation events e.g. walking festivals and organised runs
Improve walking and cycling opportunitiesDeveloping walking and cycling groups
Support least active to be active and those most impacted by CovidTarget schemes and initiatives in groups known to be most inactive e.g. BAME, those out of work etc
Use an innovative approach to the provision of places to undertake regular physical activity.Using community venues such as , health settings, community facilities, open schools and colleges for community physical activity provision.
Build on successful activities which have engaged children and young people across our schoolsInitiative to build on the Daily Mile and Change 4 Life Clubs
Enhance opportunities for older people to become and remain active throughout their livesTargeted activities in care homes and in the community
Embracing digital technology creating opportunities for health improvementOnline physical activity sessions
Mental Health and wellbeing (including suicide prevention)
Support to dealing with loss and bereavement for all agesBereavement support for adults and children and young people
Raising awareness of suicide prevention strategiesSuicide Awareness training sessions for anyone working and volunteering in Bury
Promote the importance of looking after your mental wellbeingRollout of the Connect 5 programme in Bury to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in everyday practice
Enhance opportunities to help those struggling with loneliness and isolationGentle support for those who have shielded or isolated during the pandemic, covid safe coffee and activity sessions
Support for those suffering emotionally due to covid, job loss or financial worries, health concerns, etc.Peer support, workshops, groups sessions to improve mental wellbeing in neighbourhoods with limited support. Targeting young people, BAME, men and older people.
Self Care
Promote opportunities where individuals can look after themselvesIT training, hiring out tablets to access internet access
Supporting carers to have time to look after themselvesRespite activities, peer support groups
Support for those struggling to live independentlyNetwork to provide help with basic daily needs
Children and Young People
Improve school readiness and wellbeing of familiesPre-school interventions
Promote Speech and Language toolsOrganised and targeted activities which promote child and adult interaction
Support emotional and mental wellbeingPeer support groups
Substance misuse (including smoking)
Support individuals locally to quit substances through creative meansPeer support groups, activity groups for those with substance misuse issues
Support communities most at risk of drug and alcohol misuse before problems ariseWorking with high risk communities to raise awareness of dangers
Focus on improving physical health of people with substance misuse issuesExercise sessions and health eating support targeted towards substance misusers etc.
Promote wellbeing and recovery by linking treatment systems with community based organisationsWorking with service providers to have additional community based support
Other areas of need identified through data, professionals working in the area and the community
Promote the understanding health improvement with community groupsRoyal Society for Public Health, Understanding Health Improvement, Level 2-Fund the accreditation for this course
Support the 0-5 years (Pathway required since the loss of children's centre).
Equip local volunteers with training and skills to increase the potential for sustainability of projects
Child health programme of activities for 0-5 years.
Work with childcare providers to offer additional support network and activity groups.
baby massage, breastfeeding support groups.
Using community venues such as, health settings, community facilities, for activity provision
Promote community activism, engagement and empowerment within the community Initiatives to motivate residents to generate ideas or activities to promote health and wellbeing
Promote use of market for shopping and socialising for Radcliffe residents-
Digital skills trainingFocused on improving access to primary care via 'Ask My GP'
Support for dementia patients who are still living at home but without family support-
Conflict resolutionE.g. Family mediation
Activities for 11-16 years(Lack of high school in locality) youth orientated activities closer to home
Improve nutrition and hydrationWorkshops delivered to give information.
Link with networks to support i.e. Staying Well team