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Street café licences and pavement licences are for restaurant or café businesses that wish to use a public street, road or area outside their business:

  • for selling food and drink
  • to place tables, chairs or other temporary furniture.

Apply for a street café licence

Applications can be made online, along with supporting documents where requested. There is currently no fee to pay, as this aims to support local businesses in their recovery following the pandemic.

We recommend you read the pavement licence guidance and conditions before applying online.

After we've received your application, we'll aim to process applications within the seven day public consultation period. We will contact you before the end of the consultation period to advise if your street café licence has been granted.

Comment on a street café licence application

In accordance with the Section 2(3) of Part 1 of the Business and Planning Act 2020, we publish current applications that are available for public consultation on this page. 

If you'd like to comment or object to a street café licence application, you can make a representation by emailing

There are currently no street cafe licences open for consultation.

Pavement licensing

Pavement licence applications are made under the newly established regulatory requirements under the:

These regulation changes are in effect until 30th September 2024 and will expire on this date. These changes aim to support businesses to recover from the effects of the pandemic and to protect as many hospitality jobs as possible. The new regulatory laws temporarily replace the need for pavement licence applications to be made under section 115 of the Highways Act 1980. 

Current licence holders

If you hold a pavement licence for your business, you should be aware that current licences are not automatically extended to be effective until 30th September 2024. If your licence is due to expire and you wish for it to continue, you must submit a new application.

Pavement licence applications

All pavement licence applications are subject to a seven day public consultation that begins the day after an application is made. Applications and related information will be published on our website during the consultation period.

After the consultation period, applications and any public opinions or objections will be considered and we may attach conditions, where appropriate. There is no appeal process within the related legislation.

In addition to national pavement licence conditions, there are also standard conditions that will apply to the licence.

Pavement licence supporting documents

When applying for a pavement licence, you'll be required to provide documents to support your application, including:

  • a plan showing the:
    • measurements and location of;
      • the premises, identified with a red edge, and
      • the area of activities applied for, identified with a blue edge
    • positions and number of proposed tables, chairs and other temporary furniture you wish to place on the highway
    • length and/or width measurements for any pathway, building or other fixed item in the proposed area. You may view our example plan as a guide.
  • details of the management arrangements for the licensed area
  • proof of your public liability insurance up to £5 million, including indemnification of the council against all claims, injuries or accidents
  • evidence that you've advertised your application;
    • by displaying a notice on your business premises
    • by informing any premises immediately adjacent to either side of your premises using a notification letter
  • any reference of any existing licence currently under consideration by us, if applicable
  • any other evidence needed to demonstrate how any local and national conditions will be met.

You may download and use our templates for your display notice and notification letter.