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Family Safeguarding has been identified within the independent review of Children’s Services 2022 as best practice. The model has been independently evaluated and has also been positively evaluated by the DfE’s Innovation unit, who are now supporting the scale and spread of the model. Evidential evaluation indicates improved outcomes for children and parents by successfully reducing risk of harm to children.

Family Safeguarding has a proven track record in keeping more children at home safe with their parents. This not only delivers better outcomes for children and their families but also frees up Social Workers and other professionals involved to undertake work that has a greater impact for those who need it. The cost avoidance and savings associated with reduced numbers of child protection plans and numbers of children being taken into care is outlined within the business case.

The Family Safeguarding Model was founded by Hertfordshire County Council in 2015, and has significantly reduced the number of children being taken into care.

The Family Safeguarding Guide on the Centre for Family Safeguarding Practice website provides an overview of the model, the approach and examples of the impact an outcomes it can have for children, families and the public sector workforce.

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Family Safeguarding Guide