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Children's Centres in Bury support children aged zero to five and their parents, carers and childcare providers to help ensure that Bury children are given the best opportunities at their most crucial time for development during the first five years of their lives.

Bury Sure Start Children's Centres offer lots of useful different services for you and your family to access locally. The services range from breastfeeding support to fun stay and play sessions.

There are five main Hubs, three Spokes and a number of smaller community outreach venues which means that every family in Bury will be able to access Children's Centre services.

Each hub has a timetable of sessions and each also provides an outreach family support service in the home to engage with families in the community. See the Bury Directory link below for information and the location of each Children's Centre Hub.

You can also make an enquiry using the online form below.