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Disabled parking bays provide on street parking for Blue Badge holders who do not have access to off street parking, such as a driveway.

The disabled parking bays are not specific to a person or an address specific, meaning they can be used by any Blue Badge holder.

Disabled parking bay eligibility

All the following criteria must be met:

  • the driver or vehicle passenger is a Blue Badge holder
  • a parking space cannot be found within a reasonable distance of the disabled person's property for a major proportion of time on most days
  • the vehicle is registered and kept permanently at the disabled person's address.

We cannot consider disabled parking bay applications where parking difficulties are only for short periods of time, for example due to living near to a school.

Additionally, one or more of the following criteria should also apply:

  • the disabled person has limited or no mobility
  • the disabled person is unable to get themselves safely to or from their car, without severe difficulty, pain, distress or detriment to their condition
  • a carer has a severe difficulty, pain or distress in assisting a disabled person and could be solved by the provision of a disabled parking bay
  • the disabled person's behaviour is such that they lack insight into their own personal safety and are at risk of injury while being transferred between vehicle and property.

For a disabled parking bay to be installed, please apply online.

The application process for a disabled parking bay will require consultation with:

  • Adult Services
  • Highway Services
  • neighbours to the property concerned.

Applicants may be contacted if we need to collect further information. We will respond to all applications as soon as possible.

Please be aware that while an applicant may meet the eligibility criteria, we may not always be able to provide a disabled parking bay. This may be if:

  • there is suitable alternative parking space, such as a driveway
  • a resident's parking permit scheme is already in force on the street
  • it would prevent the passage of large emergency vehicles and contravene traffic laws
  • it is less than 10 metres from a junction (in some circumstances this may be allowable)
  • it is possible and safe to temporarily double park.