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Graffiti on council-owned property

We are responsible for removing graffiti on council-owned property. We are not responsible for removal of graffiti from private properties; this is the responsibility of the owners.

How quickly we remove graffiti depends on the nature of it. Offensive graffiti is usually removed within 48 hours. Non-offensive graffiti is usually removed within 28 days.

Use this form to report graffiti on public buildings, in public parks and open spaces and on street name plates and road signs within the borough of Bury.

Please answer all the questions in our online form as clearly and accurately as you can to help us to deal with the problem you are reporting.

Graffiti on other property

Graffiti on some public property is the responsibility of the organisation that owns it. Find out how to report it below.

BT Openreach cabinets

See: Openreach - report damage, vandalism or a health and safety issue (via web chat assistant or by phone)

BT payphones

See: Help Business BT - How to report payphone faults or damage

Electrical sub stations

See: Electricity North West - contact us

Metrolink stations and bus shelters

See: Transport for Greater Manchester - Contact us

Post boxes

See: Personal help: Royal Mail - contact us

Railway lines and bridges

See: Network Rail - Graffiti removal

Virgin Media cabinets

See: Virgin Media - reporting damage