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Fly-tipping is a crime. It is illegally dumped rubbish on a road, pavement, or open space. Fly-tipping can be rubbish from a household or a business. The amount of dumped rubbish can range from one bag to a large lorry load.

If you discover dumped rubbish, you should not touch or handle it as it could contain hazardous material and it might contain evidence that we can use.

To be able to prosecute a fly tipper we need to have enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they committed the crime.

Household duty of care


Reporting fly-tipping

How we respond to reports of fly-tipping

How to manage your household waste

Our enforcement officers investigate hundreds of complaints each year about waste in gardens and on private land. To avoid a large bill, fine or prosecution, make sure you manage your waste properly and keep your property waste free.