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How we provide the service

We employ specially trained staff to manage our trees. This involves inspecting, maintaining and planting trees, and managing and developing woodland areas.

Trees in the borough

The borough is home to both native and exotic trees. You can find these in parks, along roads, in gardens within housing estates, in woodland areas, in schools and in cemeteries. Trees have many benefits, for example they:

  • clean the air;
  • release oxygen;
  • reduce noise;
  • provide shade and shelter;
  • create wildlife habitats; and
  • improve the landscape of the borough.

Report a tree problem

Report issues with trees on the highway or council-owned land.

Street tree-pruning programme

We have a street tree-pruning programme for trees growing along the roadside. These trees are inspected regularly and a programme of pruning work is carried out by specially trained staff every five years.

Common problems - Your questions answered

What should I do if I think a tree is dangerous?

Report it to us immediately giving the following information.

  • Details of exactly where the tree is.
  • What you think the problem is.
  • Your phone number so that we can contact you if we cannot find the tree.

We will treat as urgent trees that are dead, dying or dangerous to people or property.

What can you do about a tree blocking the light or view from my home?

Although there is no legal right to light or a view, we assess each situation individually. Cutting back trees may not solve the problem as this can cause them to grow back quickly. This will make the problem worse. We only prune or remove trees if people's quality of life is seriously affected.

Is there a waiting list for tree work?

Yes. We receive many requests for tree work. All work to trees has to be prioritised and depends on what funding is available. After an inspection we may decide that no work is needed.

Will you reduce the height of a tree?

Reducing the height of a tree is not good practice. It will cause more problems by creating a lot of top growth and affecting the tree's balance. It also encourages insects to feed on the new growth and increases the possibility of tree disease.

What if trees or branches cause an obstruction?

If a tree, shrub or hedge is blocking a street light or road sign, blocking visibility in the road, or obstructing or damaging the footpath, please report it to us. We will then assess the situation and carry out work in line with priorities.

What happens if the roots of a tree are damaging pavements or property?

We will inspect trees and repair the pavement, prune the roots or consider other action. You may have to provide evidence of any damage to property, but we will investigate each case and take appropriate action.

Can you do anything about poor TV reception if this is due to trees?

TV interference can be caused by trees but there is no right to TV reception. We do not usually carry out work to make a signal clearer. You may need to consult a television engineer.

Do you clear away fallen leaves?

Yes, but we only clear dead leaves that fall on footpaths or other public open spaces we own.

Will tree sap or bird droppings damage the paintwork on my vehicle?

Tree sap can be very sticky and bird droppings can be a nuisance but neither will damage the paintwork on your vehicle if you make sure you wash it regularly.

Will you prune tree branches that are blocking light from the solar panels on my roof?

We do not usually carry out work on trees that are blocking the light from solar panelling.

Tree care and management fact sheet