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We inspect all pavement issues reported to us. How quickly we repair pavement issues depends on how urgent the problem is. We give the highest priority to those issues that may cause a threat to public safety.

Most issues can be reported online, but hazardous and potentially dangerous issues must be reported by phone.

Hazardous pavement issues

The following pavement issue is hazardous and a danger to public safety.

  • Collapsed pavement

Report this issue promptly by phone.

  • Call 0161 253 5353 between 8.45am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or 0161 253 6606 outside of these hours.

Non-hazardous pavement issues

Non-hazardous pavement issues should be reported online.

Please note: When you report a non-hazardous pavement issue online you can check yourself where we are up to with its repair. You can do this via the link we send you in your confirmation email.

The following are examples of non-hazardous pavement issues.

  • Bitmac or tarmac damaged
  • Edgings missing or uneven
  • Flags missing
  • Flags or kerbs uneven or broken
  • Grass verges damaged
  • Pavement sunken
  • Paving missing
  • Paving uneven or damaged
  • Weeds on pavement

You can also request temporary pavement closures.