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When our full Winter Service is in operation we treat all roads on our gritting routes when temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing. We base our decision to grit, or not grit, on the forecast provided by MetDesk, who provide winter service forecasting to all GM Authorities. We aim to complete the gritting routes before the road surface temperature drops below freezing. Gritting routes typically take 5 hours to complete. The first hour allows for calling out the gritting crews from standby and then 4 hours to get around all the routes and complete the gritting. We can only grit the roads on our gritting routes, we cannot grit all 650 kilometres of road throughout the borough.

During periods of severe weather conditions, or if salt stocks are low or limited, then we may have to reduce the service we provide to treating essential roads only. Essential roads are those which provide access through the borough and maintain local access to critical services such as hospitals, ambulance stations and key points in the food and fuel distribution networks. These roads also help maintain movement across the country.

Also a part of our Winter Service is the supply of a limited number of self help salt bins for use on public roads and footways in key locations. These are filled as required during the winter season if sufficient salt supplies are available.

The Winter Service we provide aims as far as is reasonably possible to keep the roads on our gritting routes clear of snow and ice and to allow the safe movement of road users.

Winter Service updates when the service is in operation

When our Winter Service is in operation we issue regular updates via our social media channels, our news desk and at this website.

To get Bury Council's latest alerts and updates follow Bury Council on twitter or check the latest news on Bury Council's "my newsdesk"..

If severe weather causes bin collections to be delayed or cancelled we will provide advice on our Bin collection days and dates web page..

To check the latest UK weather forecast, including any severe weather warnings visit the Met Office web site..